Grade 7 Field Trip to NESS

DSCN0877On Tuesday, April 23, 2019 the grade 7 class met the NESS grade 7’s. Part of the field trip was to let the 7’s meet each other in small groups. Feedback from the street is that it was pretty awkward but eventually the ice was broken. The two grade 7 classes walked to the Gitlaxt’aamiks Community Smoke-house were they were given a tour by the smoke-crew foreman, Jordan Morven. Thank you, Jordan, for teaching our 7’s more about smoking oolichan.

After touring the smoke-house, the AAMES grade 7’s returned to NESS where they had lunch in the Foods Room. Consensus was that the Coast Mountain College program serves an excellent lunch. Following lunch, Mr. Alcuaz gave the students an impromptu tour of the wood working shop and the metal shop. We were also able to get a sneak peek of the bandroom thanks to Mr. MacLean.

The AAMES grade 7’s then finished their day with Mr. English, the P.E. teacher at NESS Secondary. Mr. English taught us how to use exercise equipment and weights safely. Then the 7’s worked out! To see more photos of our trip, click on the read more tab.

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