It’s Easter!

Thank you to Ms. Forbrigger, Darbee and Andrea for helping to organize the Easter Egg hunt. Thank you, as well, to the teachers and staff of AAMES for helping to make this a fun day for the kids. Ms. Newman, your classroom rocked all afternoon. That must have been quite the pizza party! If you would like to see students mad dash at the beginning of the hunt, please download the second Oh Canada video from our last post. It’s worth the wait – both for the singing and the excitement on kids’ faces. Below are some pictures of the hunt; students’ sidewalk drawings using their Easter Egg chalk; and students chasing soap bubbles.

DSCN0850 DSCN0851 DSCN0852 DSCN0853 DSCN0854 DSCN0855 DSCN0856 DSCN0857 DSCN0858 DSCN0859 DSCN0860 DSCN0861 DSCN0863 DSCN0864 DSCN0865 DSCN0866 DSCN0867 DSCN0868 DSCN0869 DSCN0870 DSCN0871

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