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School News

Earth Rangers - Saving the planet one mission at a time

By Martha Swinn | 27 Oct 2020

Students at AAMES will be joining the Earth Rangers club. Earth Rangers accept missions to save the planet! Classroom teachers will be creating a class Earth Ranger club so that students can participate in activities that promote sustainable living. Last year, courtesy of an Earth Day grant from the Naut'sa Mawt nation students participated in an Earth Day clean up activity of the school yard during COVID. The school was also able to purchase 2 bear resistant garbage cans for the playground. The grant also provided the school with two different composters: a vermicompost system as well as a traditional outdoor composter. Our tumbling composter was provided through a grand from Learning for a Sustainable Future. Students are using the different compost systems to dispose of their fruit and vegetable waste in the school and from the school garden project.