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Return to School (50%)

By Martha Swinn | 18 Sep 2020

Return to School (50%)

As you have heard from the district, students will be returning part time to school starting on Monday, September 21. I have attached the learning schedule along with our school's specific COVID procedures for you to review. 

The Learning Plan

Students will continue to work on project-based learning assignments while in class. This means that teachers will be covering different subject areas within the scope of one project while also targeting key skills needed for completing the projects. For more information about the curriculum, please contact your child's teacher. Students will be bringing homework home to complete on their own as part of their self-directed learning. This may include read to self; spelling study; observation journals etc. As time progresses, and if technology permits, students may also be asked to work on Mathletics and Spelling City while at home. The school will not be creating separate/different learning packages for the self-directed, at home learning portions of the day.

Health Agreement Plan

If you have registered your child at the school, you have already filled in this health agreement. However, since situations may change over time, the school is asking parents to complete this form again before sending their children to the school on Monday, Sept 21. 

Teachers will be sending this form home in the students' agendas every Friday so that the form can be filled in for the following Monday.

Shoes, Hands, Backpacks and Line-Up Procedures

Kindergarten and Grade 1 - Please bring indoor shoes to wear in the classroom. Students will line up in the usual place by the K/1 door so that they can enter directly into the class where they will wash their hands. Although some of the students' supplies will be stored in separate cubbies in the classroom, parents are also asked to provide a backpack for children to transport work to and from school.

Grades 2-7 - Please do not bring indoor shoes. Students will be asked to wear the same shoes in the classroom as they wore to school. This will help to streamline our entering and exiting procedures. Once winter comes, we will review the shoe plan and will let parents know how winter boots and indoor shoes will be handled. We ask that parents provide backpacks for the children to transport work to and from school.

The grade 6/7 students will be asked to line up in the former grade 2/3 spot so that they can see through the main doors into the hallway. When given the signal from Mrs. McKay, the 6/7 students will go around the school and enter via the outside door by their classroom. Students will enter in small groups and will wash their hands at the classroom sink.

Grades 2-5 students will be asked to enter the school in groups of five (3 girls and 2 boys) so that they can use the washrooms to wash their hands and then go to class. 

All students will be asked to wash their hands in the classroom sink before leaving for home at the end of the learning period.


If you have not completed a registration form or IT (computer use) agreement, please contact Alison.

Distributed Learning (online learning)

Parents who are interested in online learning still need to register their children with the school district. The registration form is the same form that is used to register a child for school. The district will contact the parents to let them know how to access the online learning program.