St Patrick’s Day fun


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Head lice information

LifecycleThe Three Stages of the Life Cycle:

  1. The nit (egg) is laid on the hair shaft.  At first it is microscopic, but it enlarges and becomes tan in colour over 6-9 days.
  2. The nymph hatches from the egg and immediately begins to feed on blood.  It is initially microscopic, but enlarges and becomes darker in colour as it ingests blood.  Over 7-10 days, it gradually gets larger, moulting three times.
  3. The third time the louse moults it emerges as an adult and is capable of reproduction.  It is also more able to transmit to others.  The louse continues to live on the head for another 14-16 days.  The fertilized female lays 8-10 eggs per day.

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March News

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Special Treat Before March Break

Thank you to AAMES Breakfast Program for treating the students this morning. Everyone enjoyed their pancakes with berries. We managed to capture the K/1 class during their turn at second breakfast. :)  Continue reading

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Grade 2/3 Field Trip to The Meadows

The grade 2/3 class writes to John Guenther and Martha Swinn:

What a wonderful day!! Thank you so much for hosting our grade 2/3 class! We ALL had a great day. We reflected when we got back to school about the best part of our trip. Here were some comments….

The best part was falling in the snow and not being able to get up.

The best part was feeding the birds.

The best part was the hot chocolate and bonfire.

The best part was skishoeing(snowshoeing)

The best part was skiing.

The best part was the lemon leaves. It reminded us of mindfulness.

The best part was Mr.John!

The best part was crashing at the bottom of the hill.

The best part of my day was beating the rubber marker in sledding.

The best part of the day was Mr.Rhodes pushing us fast down the hill!

The best part of the day was ……..the whole day!

What a successful trip and our class feels so lucky!

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